What is Baker's Venom Cleanser?

History of Our Sting Antidote

This proprietary blend of non-allergenic herbs was developed by R. L. Baker. He found the non-allergenic solution to be very effective on stings of all kinds and he remembered to use it whenever he was around a person or pet of any age suffering from a sting.

After a period of decades, and treating thousands of stings over his lifetime, he became known for his talent of healing bee stings. It was not until 1984, that the solution was bottled and put on the market. The research laboratory of the University of Cincinnati researched his product on live subjects and found it to be "THE ONLY known venom neutralizer / antidote for bee stings to the medical world".

It was R.L. Bakers hopes to have this solution available for people in all countries at an affordable price, and that, is still our mission today.

Each half ounce bottle sells for $17.50 U.S. Dollars, which includes FREE SHIPPING and HANDLING. (U.S. Retail Orders Only). Order Now!.

  • Baker's Venom Cleanser
  • Price: $17.50
  • Herbal Bee Sting Antidote for First Aid of all kinds of stings. U.S.A. delivered and Military orders is Free Shipping.

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Baker's Venom Cleanser

Bee Sting Cure

for all types of stings and itching.
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