Baker's Venom Cleanser 
Bee Sting Cure the only real solution for stings and itching.

USMC Parris Island Recruits said,
"Hey that stuff really works!"

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No refrigeration, No expiration date!
100% Made in the U.S.A.
Be sure to watch the T.V. news commentary YouTube video from 1988, also check out our customer testimonial page and see actual handwritten, dated and signed testimonies of medical doctors, pharmacists and allergic customers who have used our product with total satisfying result.
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Fast acting First-Aid to stop the pain, swelling and itching on small infants, children, adults, horses, dogs and cats.
Baker's Venom Cleanser will stop the pain and itch from bee stings, Fire ants, Jellyfish and even the Africanized Honeybee and other Multiple Sting, Wasps and Hornets in seconds (also stops the itch caused by Sand fleas, poison ivy and oak, the dreaded Itch Mite and chiggers also relieves itchy dry skin. )
If the stinger was left in the wound, do not pinch at it to remove it, instead scrape it out with a fingernail, credit card, etc. Then, apply and rub, Baker's Venom Cleanser for bee sting cure, into the stingers puncture wound or wounds and repeat as needed for instant relief.
USMC Parris Island Recruits said "Hey that stuff really works!" All Military addressed orders will have the Quantity Doubled Free of Charge!
Tested and approved by the inventor of Benadryl, George Rieveschl, PhD, and found to be a venom neutralizer, "the only known venom neutralizer to the medical world".
Remember buy 2 get 1 Free of Baker's Venom Cleanser sting treatment. Great for first aid kits, beach bags, purses, back packs, glove boxes, fishing tackle boxes, boats, planes, bat bags and even the desk at work. Don't be without it!
Each half ounce bottle sells for $17.50 and will treat approximately 30 to 300 stings (Free Shipping and Handling included for U.S. orders) Satisfaction IS Guaranteed!
If not fully satisfied, return unused portion for complete refund.
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